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Summer 2019



Parent Handbook

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CGI: Part of the world’s largest network of Jewish camps!

 Table of contents           


   A letter from your directors                            3

Tuition                                                                                                                                  4

About Our Program                                            4

General Information                                 4

Divisions                                                    4

Birthday Party Policy                                 4

Food & Allergy Policy                                   4

Arrival & Departure                                  5

Dress Code                                                 5

Appointments                                          6

Swimming                                              6

Camp T-shirt                                               6

Tzedakah                                                    6

Mitzvah Note (Kiddy Camp)                        7

Clothing/Bathing Suits                              7

Frequently Asked Questions                       7

Daily Checklist                                            8


A Letter from Your Directors: 


Dear Parents,

We are so excited to offer another amazing summer experience for your child.  Camp Gan Israel, part of the largest network of Jewish camps in the world, is proud to provide the best in fun and safety in a warm and caring Jewish environment. 


In Gan Izzy, we view our staff and the parents as two integral partners of a team.  Together we work to bring out the best in your child’s development and growth; physically, socially and spiritually.  Using our website,, facebook page,, and weekly newsletters, we hope to stay in touch with you about your child’s progress and activities.


Please review this handbook so you will be familiar with the procedures and policies of our camp.   If you have any questions or concerns you can call the camp office at (713) 777-2000, or email [email protected]  


We’re looking forward to another amazing Gan Izzy summer!



Yours Truly,


Rabbi Yonaton and Kesem Hetsrony




     Tuition is due by the Wednesday before each week of camp.

     Tuition may be paid via the PayPal invoice you will receive after registering your child(ren) for camp.  Checks and cash are also accepted at the office.

     To establish a payment plan, please email [email protected], or call (713) 777-2000.

     The Tuition office will be open daily between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 


About Our Program

 General Information

      Camp Gan Israel provides a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and games that provide entertainment and education.

      Activities include sports, arts & crafts, creative games, trips, hunts and water sports.  Each activity is designed with creative excitement which engages all participants.

      Camp Gan Israel provides exposure to Jewish culture and practices in fun, non-judgmental, and hands-on way.

      Campers are encouraged to participate in all activities to promote unity in the group. 


1. Kiddy Camp: Ages 2-4; Monday thru Friday; 8:30 am – 2:15 pm
Children must be toilet trained to enter the 4 year old program (Kiddy Camp 2 B&G)

2. Big Camp: Ages 5-12 Girls & 5-9 Boys; Monday thru Friday; 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Birthday Party Policy

      Please inform the camp director in advance if you would like your child to have a birthday party in camp.

      Camp will organize and provide the party food for a nominal fee.


Food & Allergy Policy

     Camp Gan Israel is a nut free environment! Please check all ingredient labels for nuts, nut oils, and traces of nuts before packing your child's lunch and snacks.

     Lunches must be dairy or parve. No meat allowed.

     All campers should bring a snack and a water bottle in addition to their lunch. Remember to label all snacks & lunches!

     Please send an extra snack if your child is staying in the aftercare program.

     While we encourage and teach our campers the spirit and importance of sharing with friends and siblings at home, please understand that for health and numerous other reasons, we prohibit the sharing of food in camp.

Arrival & Departure

     Big Camp begins promptly at 8:30 am.

     Drop-off is available from 8:00 am at no additional charge.

     Day camp ends at 3:30 pm.

     Drop-off and pick-up is in the carpool line, in the parking lot of our facility.

     Kiddy Camp (ages 18 months - 4 yrs.) Begins promptly at 8:30 am and ends at 2:15 pm. Drop-off is available from 8:00 am at no additional charge.
Please park and walk your Kiddy Camper in to his/her classroom in the main building. Those arriving before 8:30 should be walked to the early drop off room.

     Pick-up at 2:15 pm is in the carpool line, in the parking lot of our facility.

     To ensure the safety of your child, any camper who arrives late to camp should be accompanied by an adult to the office and sign in.

     All children must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after each of the above times.

     If your child will be picked up from camp by anyone other than a parent, please notify the camp office in advance. Your child’s safety is our top priority! (this includes grandparents, nanny, friends etc…)


Dress Code

     Children should wear shirts with sleeves.

     Boys are encouraged to wear a kippah/hat.


     If you have to pick up your child early for any reason, please call the office at least 30 minutes in advance so we can have your child ready for you. 

     You must come to the office to pick up and sign your child out.


     Please send a bathing suit, towel, swim shoes and sunscreen daily (besides trip days.)

     Please make sure to label everything as campers tend to lose items frequently and we would like to be able to return it to them.

     Two and three year olds (Kiddy Camp I & Kiddy Camp II) should be sent to camp wearing their bathing suit and/or swimming diaper every day, under their clothes.

     Please apply sunscreen on your child before coming to camp.

     The Three Weeks is an annual mourning period that falls out in the summer. This is when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple and our launch into a still-ongoing exile.  The final  Nine Days of the Three Weeks are a time of intensified mourning.  During the 9 days beginning on Thursday, August 1, 2019, in accordance with Jewish law, there will be no swimming. We will be having water activities on those days, please make sure to send all 'swimming gear' on those days as well (bathing suits, towels etc...)


Camp T-shirt

     Camp T-shirts must be worn on every trip. 

     Camp trips are every Wednesday beginning on Wednesday June 26, 2019.

     Kiddy camp (ages 2-4)  will not go on trips this year

     T-Shirts are available for purchase in the camp office for $10.



     Tzedakah (charity) is a concept that is fundamental to Judaism. Our camp attempts to develop a commitment among our campers to share with others less fortunate than themselves by donating a few pennies every day to charity.

     Parents are asked to send a few coins for Tzedakah every day with your campers.

Mitzvah Note (Kiddy Camp)

     Parents can send Kiddy Campers with a note describing a Mitzvah (Good Deed) performed.  The notes are placed daily on our Mitzvah Tree.  Examples: “Sara cleaned up her toys.”  “Max shared his juice with his sister.”


Clothing/Bathing Suits

1. Kiddy Campers should have a change of clothing stored in their cubbies.  Diapers and wipes should be kept stocked if necessary.

2. All campers should bring a bathing suit and towel daily.  We have many safe and fun water activities that the children enjoy.

3. Closed-toe shoes or sneakers should be worn.  Flip flops, sandals and Crocs are not appropriate for our playground and sports activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How does my camper find lost items?

Please mark all belongings with your child’s name. This is very important since shirts are identical and individual items are difficult to identify without a label.

Please contact the camp office if your camper lost an item. We will try to locate it, however CGI takes no responsibility for lost items.  At the end of the summer, we will display all the lost and found items in the carpool area.

2.      Can my camper bring precious items to camp?

Campers should not bring jewelry, cell phones, iPod, head phones, or expensive toys, etc. to camp. Camp Gan Israel supplies everything campers will need for each day’s activities. 

3.      How can I speak with my child’s counselor?

A call to the camp office will answer most questions. Since counselors are constantly supervising groups and activities, messages will be taken at the camp office. Please leave your name and evening phone number and the counselor will return your call as soon as possible.


Daily Checklist


All Campers:

            Bathing Suit


            Swim Shoes


            Water Bottle


            Lunch and snack

Kiddy Campers (in addition to the above):

            Change of Clothes (to be left at camp)

            Sleep mat & Blanket (2 year olds)

            Diapers & Wipes (if applicable)

            Swim Diapers (if applicable)




Please clearly label all camper belongings and clothing